Heating and Cooling Systems

Every time you come in for an oil change, the coolant levels and the quality of coolant will be checked in your vehicle. We will advise you that, according to manufacturer’s recommendations, Dexcool (red coolant) should be replaced with Dexcool only. Also, regular anti-freeze (green coolant) should only be replaced with regular coolant. If you mix the two coolants together, you will damage your system.

  • Flush
    We recommend a coolant flush every other year. However, it could be more frequent depending on your driving habits. This is why we inspect the coolant at every oil change. Our coolant flushes include cleaning and conditioning detergents combined with a complete machine flush.
  • Hoses
    Most manufacturers recommend that the hoses be replaced every five years. These will also be inspected at every oil change as a preventative measure.
  • Heater Core
    If you notice the smell of anti-freeze in your vehicle or an oily film on the inside of your windows, you should have it checked immediately. Serious damage could occur by not addressing the problem due to coolant loss. We never recommend short-term “Band-Aid” solutions and always replace the damaged unit.
  • Air Conditioning
    If your air conditioner is not working properly, we will check both the electrical components and Freon level. If the Freon level is low, we will perform a dye test to determine the location of any leaks. We will then make the repair recommendations to you.


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