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Master Auto understands that fleet downtime means loss of business. Therefore, it is our commitment to ensure that your fleet vehicles are maintained to minimize downtime, and when downtime does occur, to get those vehicles back in service in a timely manner.


The Master Auto Plan is simple:

  • Progressive maintenance
  • Quality vehicle inspections
  • Systematic reports
  • Business-to-business availability
  • The three Rs: right tools, right people, responsive service


Our best salespeople are our satisfied customers, some of which include: City Animation, SBC Ameritech, Mike’s Tree Surgeons, Hour Transportation and First Choice Carpet Cleaning. Perhaps you want to join our family!


Special Fleet Services

  • Yearly DOT inspections
  • Complete history records
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Competitive prices
  • Top priority
  • 24-hour drop-off
  • Pick up and drop off vehicles
  • Free shuttle service
  • Free tire repairs


troy auto shop

auto shop repair troy
  • Location:

    1025 Troy Court. Troy, MI 48083

    auto shop repair troy mi
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    (248) 589-1177

    auto repair troy
  • Hours of Operation

    M-F 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

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